Tarot Reading and Mediumship

Find your inner spirit

Face to face & over the phone


Tarot Readings

Tarot gives accurate readings. This is working with the Psychic Energies around you. I ask you to shuffle the cards and think of anything you wish to know answers to.



This is where I give evidence of your loved ones who have passed on into the Spirit World. The love bond never dies. They come though with not only personal messages, but also with advice, healing and guidance as since they past, they have always been close by.


Parties Catered For

I am available for Tv & Radio, Hen Parties, Ghost Hunts, Single/Group Bookings and Church Services.



Most of my clients have been through personal recommendations. I have been working from out of Greater Manchester for over 30 years, as well as giving readings over the phone throughout the UK and internationally.



I work with the coloured ribbons. I ask you to choose a colour and this gives me a direct link to your loved ones or guides in the Spirit World.


Gift Idea

Gift Vouchers available at a discounted price. Great Christmas/birthday present for Friends and Family. Free reading for a group booking of 6 people or more.

New Project

About me

I am Christine, an experienced Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant with over 30 years of experience who is able to contact the spirit world.
I work with the Cosmic Tarot and Angel cards, coloured ribbons and spirit to give accurate, psychic and spiritual readings.

I work as a channel for spiritual energies, giving evidence of their survival. Spirits communicate with love and compassion to help you by providing guidance and healing, with past, present, and your future life situations.

This is a spiritually uplifting experience, giving you more of an insight with a better perception of your life's material and spiritual travels and hopefully give you a better understanding of the spiritual world. This also gives a deeper appreciation of cosmic and natural actions - providing you with personal clarity on the individual lives we all lead.



Christine, once again you have answered all of my questions without me ever asking. Thanks


Christine, you were amazing! you were bang on! and made me really happy. Put my mind at rest. thanks. will definitely be back.


A great reading, gave me goose bumps. You got the most important name right. Thanks for the advice Dad